Fitness Buddy Features

Workout Tracking

Convenient and easy to use workout logbook

Use Fitness Buddy to record your goals, weights, sets, reps, rest time, body measurements, and more.

Largest exercise library on the Apple and Google Play Store

Never get bored of your workouts with our 2400+ exercise library. Not seeing an exercise you want? No problem. Use our custom exercise feature to fill in the gaps.

Easy to follow along workouts

Unsure if your form is correct? Each of our exercises has step-by-step pictures of our model performing the exercise and written word directions.

Weightlifting progress tracker

Easily view and track your progress for specific exercises you’ve performed over time.

Work out when you can’t make the gym

Traveling for work or can’t make time for the gym? Access over 200 home video workouts that require just yourself or limited equipment.


Find your custom meal plan

Browse our library of 200+ recipes or take our meal plan test and find the meal plan that’s most suited for your personal body goals.

Comprehensive calorie & nutrition tracker

Further accelerate your progress with our diet and macronutrient tracker. Create your own food items and recipes for a truly personalized nutrition logbook.


Overtraining Test

Determine if you are overtraining with our 2 minute orthostatic testand make adjustments to your workout routine accordingly.